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Chammak challo

If you are in my general proximity you have likely already been subjected to my effusions about the dance classes I’ve been doing more or less weekly for the last year or so – and when I say dance class,… Continue Reading →

I still love you, New York

Not my favorite song of his by a long shot … but seems appropriate today. And for what it’s worth: I do love you, New York. [youtube] God bless America. Thanks to all those whose courage shone forth on… Continue Reading →

A New Thing

Really, I should’ve known that even mentally assenting to the idea of NaBloPoMo was certain to result in failure – it’s not like I’ve been super successful with it in past, or even successful at all, and this go round… Continue Reading →

The Soundtrack of My Life: 2006

I think I am tiring of this theme, so I can’t imagine how worn out with it my limited reading audience might be. 2006 – well, I didn’t move. This is news because for the first four years that I… Continue Reading →

The Soundtrack of My Life: 2005

2005:  the year I turned 30. I know a lot of people who seemed really downcast on their 30th birthdays. Honestly, by the time 30 rolled around I felt like, ‘Bring that on!’ 29 was much harder for me –… Continue Reading →

The Soundtrack of My Life: 2003 & 2004

The Lost Years of that decade – Musically speaking, anyhow.  So I’ve been avoiding this entry. I have no memory of this place. Maybe not that bad, but still – it’s so fuzzy. Somewhere around the beginning of 2005, I… Continue Reading →

The Soundtrack of My Life: 2002

When I look back at 2002 I choose to remember its bright points. Beautiful snows in winter, a lovely spring weekend in New York, a roommate who was also a much loved friend (and who also found need to practice… Continue Reading →

2001: The Soundtrack of My Life

Dave? Can we talk this over? In retrospect, it’s possible that my 2001 was a bit like the HAL 9000: that is to say, not without its advantages, but tricky and in the end a trifle malevolent. There was some… Continue Reading →


Figures that in writing a post about 2000 I’d get muddled. It feels like a long time ago, what can I say. Because it is of earthshattering importance I desire accuracy to a degree that is probably not typical, I… Continue Reading →

The Soundtrack of My Life: 2000

I have an uneasy relationship with blogging these days. Can’t say it was ever too simple – what to say, what’s too much, what’s just plain boring … but with my tendency to overthink coupled with a busy schedule and… Continue Reading →

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