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of magpies and cats in bowties

I can admit it, I’ve always been a bit of a magpie, collecting shiny bits that caught my eye. Anyone who’s been to my house can attest that I like to have my things about me, little bibs and bobs… Continue Reading →

it’s a sine

Ever since I can remember, one of my chief cravings when I’ve not felt well (at least, when I’m both not feeling well and eating) is Jello chocolate pudding, the kind you get in the refrigerated case.

what’s in a word?

From my couch of enforced idleness, I’ve had more time to noodle on the internetz than usual. TweetStats is a nifty little service that lends a little faux rigor and quasi-scientific analysis to your Twitter stream [Over half my tweets… Continue Reading →

For those who are about to present

… we salute you. Maybe you, dear readers, do a fair amount of presenting; maybe you don’t. Maybe you’ve given up on me altogether after my protracted silence on this channel. If you are out there (*tap tap*  *tap tap*… Continue Reading →

On cobblers’ children

You can probably think of several of those old sayings: cobblers’ children never have shoes; doctors’ children are always sick; etc. I have a new one for you: cg’s blog rarely gets updated.  And when I say updated, I mean… Continue Reading →

Seek, and ye shall …

N.B. I don’t normally post about work-related matters … heck, lately I don’t post at ALL, so who knows what qualifies as regular? In any case, I started out intending this for our department blog at work and it has… Continue Reading →

Pretty much the pinnacle

The Old Spice Man wearing a towel, standing in an awesomely fake bathroom set, talking about libraries …and peanut butter. Yeah, I’m satisfied with that. [youtube]

Then YES.

Like many other things, a sense of accomplishment is relative, I suppose. It’s been a good week for that sort of thing – on Monday a copy of our new book was delivered into my hot little hands. (So I… Continue Reading →

The man your man could smell like, behind the curtain

You may already keep up with TWIT or their YouTube channel. But if not, I offer this. [youtube=] One continuous shot. Even more glorious. I’m on a horse.

The Broadcast Day Has Ended

NYT: Converters Signal a New Era for TVs…”The nearly 20 million homes that rely on rabbit ears for reception will receive as much as $80 to move to digital.” I think I’ll let the gov’t keep my $40, but I… Continue Reading →

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