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the fountain

so on this, the first evening of my temporary academic reprieve, i thought to myself, perhaps i’ll just watch a couple movies and go to bed early … apparently instead, i will blog about movies instead, cause you know i… Continue Reading →

The Broadcast Day Has Ended

NYT: Converters Signal a New Era for TVs…”The nearly 20 million homes that rely on rabbit ears for reception will receive as much as $80 to move to digital.” I think I’ll let the gov’t keep my $40, but I… Continue Reading →


I should probably begin this (pretty short) review by saying, I really only watched Cabaret because I felt like I should – meaning, it’s one of those movies (or musicals) that nearly everyone has seen (or at least it seemed… Continue Reading →

the queen

Slowly making my way through the 2007 Oscar candidates [and winners], as you can see. So. The Queen. I should confess, straightaway, that my initial reaction to this movie, when I heard it was coming out, while it was in… Continue Reading →

kill your television

ok, so i am not much of a tv watcher, really. of shows that are on, currently, i try to watch at most four: LOST Veronica Mars Gilmore Girls – series cancelled, and the last season without the Palladinos was… Continue Reading →

last king of scotland

so, the Last King of Scotland [link to IMDB page]. watched this over the weekend. i will confess, straight off, that i didn’t recognize Gillian Anderson AT ALL. unimportant, but it must be said. interesting film, really. i must also… Continue Reading →

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