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On cobblers’ children

You can probably think of several of those old sayings: cobblers’ children never have shoes; doctors’ children are always sick; etc. I have a new one for you: cg’s blog rarely gets updated.  And when I say updated, I mean… Continue Reading →

A New Thing

Really, I should’ve known that even mentally assenting to the idea of NaBloPoMo was certain to result in failure – it’s not like I’ve been super successful with it in past, or even successful at all, and this go round… Continue Reading →


To tell the true story of this year’s NaPoBloMo fail: I plumb forgot on Tuesday, until the moment when I turned the light off to go to sleep and then I laid there and this train of thought occurred: “But… Continue Reading →

NaBloPoMo, redux

Yes, ladies and gents, it’s that time of year again – the time when some folks take up the challenge of National Novel Writing Month, and some folks just try and friggin post on their dusty old blog every day… Continue Reading →

Happiness, pt 3

This has been a new experiment. Just after publishing my last happiness list, I started this one and have been adding to it until it seemed to reach a length that was significant enough to put out into the world…. Continue Reading →


I’ve written pretty extensively on this blog about being real, not fronting, etc., so I’m going to begin this with an admission: Big Head Todd & the Monsters were huge when I was in college, and I still like their… Continue Reading →

Happiness, pt. 2

Because I’ve been so productive today, because I’m waiting on some unsalted butter to thaw so I can bake something, because I really enjoyed my lunch, because … well, because, some more things that make my heart sing. And yes,… Continue Reading →

It’s a process.

It might come as a surprise to those who know me, or who have heard me speak somewhere professionally to know that for a long time I was quite shy and uncomfortable talking to people. Sometimes it showed, sometimes it… Continue Reading →

There is no try.

Literally. There has been no try. Hence those sad, unfulfilled RSS readers, pinging and pinging and nothing new, nothing new.  Why is this? Well, would you like the reasons I’ve been giving myself, followed by, in italics, the actual reasons?… Continue Reading →

The world is not a vale of tears

It occurred to me today, while running, that because I often use this space as a place to work through and articulate issues that require some wrestling to the ground it also may inadvertently have taken on a tone that… Continue Reading →

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