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hotel illness

Still life with sniffles. by crgreene Last weekend I was in Seattle for the ALA Midwinter Meeting (for the few civilians who read this blog, ALA stands for American Library Association). What I planned to do: Attend various committee meetings,… Continue Reading →

For those who are about to present

… we salute you. Maybe you, dear readers, do a fair amount of presenting; maybe you don’t. Maybe you’ve given up on me altogether after my protracted silence on this channel. If you are out there (*tap tap*  *tap tap*… Continue Reading →

Seek, and ye shall …

N.B. I don’t normally post about work-related matters … heck, lately I don’t post at ALL, so who knows what qualifies as regular? In any case, I started out intending this for our department blog at work and it has… Continue Reading →

Blog Post to a Young Librarian

Dear me. Wait, let me clarify. Dear me-10-yrs-ago-on-Aug-21-2000-my-1st-day-at-my-first-job-as-a-professional-librarian. There are a lot of things I’d love to tell you – some about things I wish you’d done or tried (or simply done or tried earlier), some about things I wish… Continue Reading →

Pretty much the pinnacle

The Old Spice Man wearing a towel, standing in an awesomely fake bathroom set, talking about libraries …and peanut butter. Yeah, I’m satisfied with that. [youtube]

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