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Mastering the Art of … um, Cooking

If I have a cooking show, someday, I might have to call it, Cooking with Captain Obvious. And I will talk about things like how brown butter sauce, although it sounds fancy, is really just when you let butter brown…. Continue Reading →

Chickens, lend me your thighs

I’d like to begin this post by saying – I realize I haven’t really been bringing it lately. I’ll try and do better. With that in mind, if you can’t be interesting, at least give people something tasty to think… Continue Reading →

Tuna salad

One of the major interferences with my enjoyment of tuna salad is the necessity of mayo. Yes, I recognize its importance as a binder, but I don’t love it. Enter, no-mayo tuna salad. Inspired by an idea of my mom’s… Continue Reading →

French Onion Soup: Death Match

Day Two and I’m already on to food. This shouldn’t be surprising, I suppose, being that I come from a long line of people on my mother’s side for whom an important topic of conversation at any meal typically includes… Continue Reading →

Kittens & schnitzel

Not together, certainly. Favorite things, in case you haven’t guessed, is what I’m getting at here. Since I appear to be doing just crap at posting without some kind of reason, and because posting every day for some set reason… Continue Reading →

update on the fish

well, i gave the fish a try last night. sadly, though i had the bamboo shoots ready, i forgot to toss them in. bummer. however, i did add some green beans, some lovely fresh crunchy long ones, along with a… Continue Reading →

fish of the future

Welcome to a new thematic posting series, ‘perishables.’ I’m sorry, when I impulsively renamed my personal blog “Odd Size Baggage” a few months ago I didn’t realize I would also be giving birth to a host of ridiculous airport- or… Continue Reading →

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