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Pimento Cheese

Yes, yes, it’s finally here: the McDonald recipe for pimento cheese. What is pimento cheese, some of you are asking? It’s an appetizer, a snack, it makes a great sandwich, it pairs well with those best summer tomatoes we all… Continue Reading →

Pizza joy

This is too, too good not to post – this way, when I need to watch it another 427 times, it will be easy to find. Guarantee the one -minute time investment is worth it.

Liberté … from the same old boring cocktails

Hello from the inside. I, like everyone else, have been living out the ultimate ‘I just wish I could stay home ALL THE TIME’ fantasy for the last five six who-knows how many weeks due to “the unprecented circumstances” and… Continue Reading →

No baloney

Dear all, the post below was (mostly) drafted on December 27, 2014. That’s a long time ago. In fact, that’s bologna. Or baloney. Except, well – read the below about that. I can now see that I was held up… Continue Reading →

holiday edition: green bean casserole

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. It’s been a while – I got a little busy. Had to move this blog, a couple big projects at work, got married, you know, just this and that. Anyhow in honor of the holiday today, I… Continue Reading →

sunshine in a jar

If you don’t like lemons, there’s nothing for you here today. Unless you like limes. If you don’t like lemons and you don’t like limes, I hope you like oranges, although this post won’t help you with those. If you… Continue Reading →

Curing what ails you: chicken soup for the MOUTH

I have a true confession to make. I am 36 years old, and until just a couple weeks ago, I’d never made chicken soup from scratch. I can see now that was a huge mistake. By the time this recipe… Continue Reading →

Farmer Maggot’s creamy mushroom & potato soup

I considered calling this Samwise’s Tater and Mushroom soup but once I added the cream I figured it would be more of a Shire soup than an on-the-road soup. For those less enlightened nerdy than I, here’s the deal on… Continue Reading →

The vinaigrette that changed my summer

It seems overstated. That’s okay. It’s still true. Whether we like it or not, we all know … we should eat healthily – lots of veggies and greens and such, and that often gets interpreted as lots of salad. I… Continue Reading →

Odds & ends soup

Should I be calling this stone soup? I don’t really remember that book or story very well, I’ll admit. Right, so sometimes I have a lot of odds and ends around the pantry and I’m feeling a bit lazy. In… Continue Reading →

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