Hi. Courtney Greene McDonald here. I’m a librarian. You might think that means I read all day … if only that were the case. When I was a kid I wanted to be a detective or a spy; but I’m a terrible liar and I’m also kind of prone to drop things and run into furniture and walls. I’m feeling pretty good about the choice I ultimately made.

This is my personal blog so it’s a melange of well, whatever comes to mind. I like to travel. I like to garden. I like to eat. A lot. (I would have listed that first but I don’t want to feel like a glutton.) Happily, I also like to cook. A lot. Even more happily, I find that I am getting to like the gym. A little. Well, maybe. Let’s not get crazy.

My sweet husband likes those same things plus a lot of others, too; and I like him the most of all of them.