I love to garden and I find that it has a marvelous way of being the perfect tonic at the perfect time. Sometimes it’s an opportunity to be fully engaged just with the work of my hands, a welcome respite from thinking thinking thinking. Other times, insights and solutions come to me as I’m engaged in the humble but necessary tasks of weeding or digging or what-have-you.

Like baking and cooking – and many other things, let’s be honest – gardening is something I’m having to re-learn at high altitude. Colorado is a beautiful place, but it is also a bit of a fierce climate even for a Midwesterner accustomed to forecasts that turn on a dime. We’re blessed with a house that’s new construction and with that house came some of the most packed, frankly HORRIBLE dirt – I refuse to call it soil – I’ve ever seen. Until I can get some professional help armed with power tools to dig out that dirt and replace it with soil, my efforts have mainly been concentrated on container gardening.

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