From my couch of enforced idleness, I’ve had more time to noodle on the internetz than usual. TweetStats is a nifty little service that lends a little faux rigor and quasi-scientific analysis to your Twitter stream [Over half my tweets (51.38%) are replies, concretely illustrating the importance I place on making and maintaining connections within my community of practice … why yes, I do have to start drafting my dossier statement soon, why did you ask?].

Anyway, I’m 6695 tweets and a little over three years into this Twitter business. Here’s a visual representation of what I’ve said, which concretely illustrates the importance I place on positivity, my interest in quotidian concerns, and my affection for various comestibles (can you find the word bacon? it’s on there!).


(it’s a little small now but click on it – it’ll get bigger)