If you don’t like lemons, there’s nothing for you here today. Unless you like limes. If you don’t like lemons and you don’t like limes, I hope you like oranges, although this post won’t help you with those. If you don’t like lemons, limes, or oranges, I hope you like to take Vitamin C in tablet form because scurvy is seriously not funny.

Anyway. Would you like to know how to have sunshine on a cloudy day? When it’s cold outside, you’ll have the month of May? What can make me feel this way, you’re asking?

Lemony goodness.

Lemon curd.

No, not lemon curdle, lemon curd – an important difference. I know, curd might not immediately ring your culinary bell but here’s what it means: spreadable lemony goodness made with egg yolks, sugar and butter. (You can also use limes, but I love lemon curd so much I haven’t felt the need to branch out yet.) I got some Meyer lemons a couple weeks ago and, among other things, made lemon curd using this recipe from Martha Stewart.

It might seem kind of fancy-pantsy but it’s actually pretty easy. Sunshine in a jar! Just in time for Valentine’s Day.