More than once in the last 15 years or so, my dad – bless him – has actually been known to make a special trip to the grocery just to pick some up for me on the various occasions when I’d find myself beached on my parents’ couch, getting over something during a visit home. (Aww)

I indulged in this mass-produced, highly-questionable ‘comfort’ food from the comfort of my own couch this weekend, even as I was reading the latest Michael Pollan preparatory to writing a review of it – there’s a delicious spoonful of irony for you – and probably due to the influence of Pollan, began to ruminate not just on the what of the pudding, but the why. (I don’t consider the how and don’t ever suggest that again.)

cos b

Then it all became clear to me when I saw the image below in my Facebook feed:

Since I rarely ever have the wherewithal to make a math joke I thought I’d better jump on the chance. Cosby! Of course he was the Planck’s constant in this magical calculation … it just goes to show all those commercials stick, which actually is a terrifying note on which to end. So instead I will leave you with this…


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