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Month February 2013

playing dress-up

On color blocking, time wastage and the sheer joy of DIY fashion layouts.

of magpies and cats in bowties

I can admit it, I’ve always been a bit of a magpie, collecting shiny bits that caught my eye. Anyone who’s been to my house can attest that I like to have my things about me, little bibs and bobs… Continue Reading →

it’s a sine

Ever since I can remember, one of my chief cravings when I’ve not felt well (at least, when I’m both not feeling well and eating) is Jello chocolate pudding, the kind you get in the refrigerated case.

sunshine in a jar

If you don’t like lemons, there’s nothing for you here today. Unless you like limes. If you don’t like lemons and you don’t like limes, I hope you like oranges, although this post won’t help you with those. If you… Continue Reading →

what’s in a word?

From my couch of enforced idleness, I’ve had more time to noodle on the internetz than usual. TweetStats is a nifty little service that lends a little faux rigor and quasi-scientific analysis to your Twitter stream [Over half my tweets… Continue Reading →

hotel illness

Still life with sniffles. by crgreene Last weekend I was in Seattle for the ALA Midwinter Meeting (for the few civilians who read this blog, ALA stands for American Library Association). What I planned to do: Attend various committee meetings,… Continue Reading →

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