After too long an absence, the happiness posts are back. Here’s what I’ve got for you this time:

birdsong | crackers | lazy Sundays where you don’t have to leave the house and can just wear your PJs all day | throw pillows | all the beautiful plums & lilacs in my bedroom color palette | day lilies | spa pedicures | successful cooking experiments | wireless keyboards | seeing my parents nearly every day | the thought that I might work for my current employer until I retire | buying boring grown-up things like mulch | monogrammed sheets that manage to still seem modern | crisp fall days | the beginning of school feeling | not going back to school | auto-program coffee pots | jewel tones | Wina’s maid of honor toast (a customized serenade a la Glee) | the pickled onions at Lennie’s | the simplicity of dogs | Flavia de Luce mysteries | the IKEA catalog | having friends from coast to coast | iced coffee | rice krispie treats | PWNing autocorrect | thunder | glass containers | buying Christmas presents months in advance | puns that hurt | turmeric, cumin, ginger & pepper on roasted eggplant | feta cheese | mixed drinks that go well with a lime slice | tart, tart cherries | stuff that matches | eclectic collections of things that still somehow belong together | analog | NOT itching (last month I had a reaction to something, eeee) | sleeping soundly | incredibly soft knit nightgowns | turning that dratted draft in | the bazillion handwritten notes (recipes, factoids, etc) all over my Grandma’s house

I see that I must really love dogs as they’ve managed to manifest in every single list thus far, but in slightly different expressions so I’m leaving them. 🙂