You can probably think of several of those old sayings: cobblers’ children never have shoes; doctors’ children are always sick; etc. I have a new one for you: cg’s blog rarely gets updated. ¬†And when I say updated, I mean both in terms of posts and in terms of … updates. Like database backups, version updates, and all that fun stuff.

Upon arriving home, having slaved all day on my employers’ blogs and sundry web apps, often the last thing I want to look at is the internet. I noticed that somehow, slowly and quietly over time, my relationships with now-distant friends were beginning to suffer. Why is this, I thought? And then I realized: in addition to the apathy that often strikes me in the evening hours, I got an iPad (which I love!) – but its keyboard wasn’t exactly promoting long missives. More like, “Hi, Miss you, how’s it going? Fine here, just busy!! LOVE xoxo” My friends are dear, witty, intelligent people who deserve full sentences with complex clauses. Clearly something had to be done. Like pair my wireless keyboard with my iPad. Check.

Having got a structure in place to address the most egregious failure, I then thought of this poor little blog. So naturally I went to Google Analytics to see if anyone was actually still hitting it – and lo and behold, in addition to my readers in the lower 48, I have readers in Canada (hi PH!), Brazil (Laurel? is that you?) and Japan (no idea).The other night I tried to log in only to discover an ‘Error 500 – internal server’ message kept popping up. Thank goodness for the Goog! It’s all solved now. I could throw around some heavy nomenclature here but it would bore the less nerdy and make the rest of you laugh at me. So I shan’t.

When I was working on my second master’s part time, I kept up with all this more diligently, mostly because I had something more horrible to avoid: homework. I can see that one heretofore unexpected side-benefit of being pre-tenure will be the same – I can count on almost always having something more horrible to avoid. Right now, it’s a book chapter. So, thanks book chapter, for not only being a solid publication for future listing on my curriculum vita, but also for shaking me free from my WordPress torpor.

Today: as you can see from this, I’m a little rusty. Soon: a real post.