Really, I should’ve known that even mentally assenting to the idea of NaBloPoMo was certain to result in failure – it’s not like I’ve been super successful with it in past, or even successful at all, and this go round involved a move and a new job and all the attendant disruption in scheduling and what-not.

Not one to be called an underachiever, I’ve been busy with some other things this past month as well. Just because you choose to uproot yourself and create a life in a new/old location doesn’t mean you can just drop everything else, and there was one project in particular just begging to be finished once the first rush of breaking down boxes and finding enough clothes to get to work was past.

I believe I’ve alluded to The Dealbreakers here before – that being the band born out of the dry, unpromising ground of karaoke (or would that be only too well-watered ground?) and populated by myself and my friend (and fellow librarian) Josh. No, we don’t sing about Dewey, or LC, or Cutter numbers, or fixed fields … libraries make nary an appearance in our catalog thus far, and Lord knows I hope they never do. Anyway, our news is this:

We finished our album. And we should have the physical media in our hot little hands before Christmas. So how about that. For now, here’s the cover:

More on this later when the last steps of getting ourselves set up online and such are done … but I’m pleased as punch, with the record and with the cover, to be honest. So I thought I’d share.

Old dog, new tricks. Alright, 2010. You’ve been a good year.