This has been a new experiment. Just after publishing my last happiness list, I started this one and have been adding to it until it seemed to reach a length that was significant enough to put out into the world.

lavendar | hand claps | puns | doing short spine in pilates reformer class | dark red nail polish | crunching leaves | butter chicken | a Race Against Time! | tater tots, french fries, any kind of deeelicious crispy po-TAY-toes | cherry preserves | rye toast | silly inside jokes | “next thursday? sorry, i’ll be busy being awesome” [thx pocket b for that gem] | dudes who a) have the … guts … to ask for the digits & then b) actually use them | my favorite hoodie | acting like a dork & making my mom giggle on Skype | StrongBad | scheming around on the internet | ModCloth | getting your car fixed and handing over Mr Jackson | rom coms … whatEVER, it’s true | smart & sassy female leads, especially if they’re written to be approachable yet have fabulous shoes | rat-a-tat-tat dialogue, with the sad exception of Dawson’s Creek (I tried) | Pacey and all other bad-good boys of that ilk | packing services | willowware | just throwing that shit away | realizing that you must’ve bought that thing you never used for so-and-so because when you gave it to them they were so happy | cupcakes | bonfires | wood burning stoves | gingersnaps | my sister | HOME | the doxology, world without end amen amen [so maybe I meant the Gloria Patri, but when I was growing up they just called it “The Doxology.” Wikipedia to the rescue.]

PPS – GAH i find already i’m repeating myself. so YES i really really really love butter chicken and cupcakes. so much i can’t stop telling you. sorry.

i also love lemon bars & naan. so there, now we’re even.

PPPS well DAD BLAST IT. willowware. so, as a reference librarian, when your results converge, i would tell you that’s a good sign that you’re zeroing in on where the literature hangs together on your topic. so there’s that. but on a blog, it’s just … boring. so! here’s another one: cobalt blue glass.