Literally. There has been no try. Hence those sad, unfulfilled RSS readers, pinging and pinging and nothing new, nothing new.  Why is this? Well, would you like the reasons I’ve been giving myself, followed by, in italics, the actual reasons? OK, great.

  • I just don’t have time to write. But when I get home, I seem to find hours worth of time nearly daily to noodle around on the internet (where I spend my workday, working), wander around my house, sit and stare. So, yeah. NO.
  • I don’t have anything to say, and what’s more, I don’t want to talk about work on this blog. Yes, because I am afflicted with an inability to communicate. You can barely get a word out of me, ever. And all I think about is my place of work! I am one of those one-thought minds. Um … NO.
  • Nobody reads it anyway. Closest to true, but I do have loyal readers. (Thank you. Love you!) What’s more, writing makes me feel better. I sometimes read what I write and think, wow, that’s a good point. I didn’t know I knew that. Or I make myself laugh, so that’s something. Again … BZZT. No.
  • I should do X instead. HAHAHAHA. See Point 1.

I read a really interesting article in the Chronicle today, How to Write Less Badly. I like its modest claim, for starters. I also think he gives really good advice.

Some may be sorry, many glad, to hear that this blog isn’t going to become an academically focused venue in pursuit of the goal of writing more; I’ll find another way to practice that. I was an English major for a reason; I switched to Journalism, then to back to a double major so that I could do both, for a reason. I have read more books than I could possibly count or remember for a reason. The Bible says (twice! or three times, depending on how you want to look at it), Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Words are like food we feed ourselves; some feel this more keenly, others less. Bet you can’t guess which group I’m in.

Next stop: eating more words. Wait a minute … that’s not right …