Because I’ve been so productive today, because I’m waiting on some unsalted butter to thaw so I can bake something, because I really enjoyed my lunch, because … well, because, some more things that make my heart sing. And yes, I encourage you to imagine each of these in a sentence, like so: “[thing] make/s cg’s heart sing.”

You can see the first list at by checking out the happiness tag. (Yes I’m going to try re-tagging everything. This activity will likely not turn up on any happiness list ever. I’m terrible, terrible, terrible, at tagging.)

avocado | corn tortillas | a clean house | a happy crock pot at full crock | my teapot that looks like a peach | the awesome 50s open house sign I scavenged from my landlord’s basement | cloudy days | fluffy slippers, especially the kind that can be refluffed as needed by tossing into the laundry | pictures of dogs | overnight shipping | little girls sharing bracelets with you | whirly-twirly tutus | cake with strawberry filling | variegated striping |¬† finishing the produce before it goes bad | a perfectly ripe pear | thank you cards, sent or received | proper spelling | matched pairs of pictures depicting spring & autumn | making impromptu collages out of things i pick up | slanted roofs | tiny jars of honey or jam or preserves | waking up and feeling like you just moved somewhere even though you’ve been there for years | original trim, crown molding and baseboards | built-in shutters | the fact that long distance phone calls are now totally mundane | the changing seasons | dark leafy greens | twisty windy country roads | macro | knowing all the laundry is put away | willow patterns | quiet little movies that end with quiet little happy endings | pouring a beer perfectly | growlers, both the word and the thing itself | old-fashioned professions like being a cooper | rock blocks | totally tame and completely unrealistic versions of piracy like those promoted by Disney and by International Speak Like a Pirate Day | childrens books from the early part of the 20th century | old portrait photos | crossing off the last thing on a long list | singing along with Bono at the top of my lungs | listening to the sounds of summertime at night | bamboo sheets that actually deserve to be called bamboo sheets | high thread counts | finding the perfect gift | unabashed enthusiasm | the #rockretractions meme as viewed through the people I follow on twitter | coming home from the gym