It occurred to me today, while running, that because I often use this space as a place to work through and articulate issues that require some wrestling to the ground it also may inadvertently have taken on a tone that is somewhat less than positive.

My apologies, dear readers. (I know there are at least twelve of you.) I am not a sad Tigger. There’s so much good out there, and even the bad allows for corresponding good. As if my whinging hasn’t been enough, I’m going to drop some Tolkien on you now. I’ll check next week and see what it did to my Reader subscriptions:

That is a chapter of ancient history which it might be good to recall; for there was sorrow then too, and gathering dark, but great valour, and great deeds that were not wholly in vain.

But! We are not carrying a Ring of Doom around, let us remember, so there’s also a lot of things that are unquestionably good, and this summer has given me a large truckload of them … the kindness of friends and family, and of strangers; births and new jobs and new homes; opportunities and beginnings and finding contentment in the quotidian. A lot of really good food surrounding my birthday, which led to a renewed resolve to get back to the gym … 🙂

I’ll try harder to make a point of waxing lyrical about the good stuff too, instead of just working through the things that chafe.

And to my 12 readers – thank you for sticking with it. I love this blog template design and it makes me happy to think anyone else has ever looked at it.