<brushing away cobwebs>

anyone home?

it’s not that i broke my fingers, or that i was sacked, ran out of money and thus had no access to the internet because – let’s be real, the public libraries are closed a lot more often these days and trying to get into THOSE free internet terminals is no joke because so many people have lost their jobs, and who else looks out for them but the public libraries? – anyway, because i could no longer pay The Man Comcast, and it’s not even that i had a sudden bout of amnesia and couldn’t remember my passwords, or name, or even who the heck this xocg person was, popping up everywhere, so instead i just went off to an apprenticeship with a cooper because that will always be useful even after the snowpocalpyse or twitpocalypse or whatever kind of pocalypse is next, not that i would know at that point, having embraced the Dignity of Labor in a profound way that would probably involve working long hours, going to bed early, and more than likely wearing some kind of highly functional apron.

the real story is, i’m either tired, or busy, or busy being tired, or tired of being busy, or busy thinking about things i don’t really want to talk about here because, honestly, they’ll just make you tired.

i’m trying out tumblr. i figure, it’s slightly more muscular and macro than twitter but it’s still a microblogging platform.

you can find me at:

and, maybe i should have just taken to writing nonsense a long time ago, because that wasn’t hard at all.