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Month August 2010

The world is not a vale of tears

It occurred to me today, while running, that because I often use this space as a place to work through and articulate issues that require some wrestling to the ground it also may inadvertently have taken on a tone that… Continue Reading →

In which kids’ television goes philosophical

Naomi Slimed. by iSlime Who here watched Nickelodeon? Or had a younger sibling that did? I can raise my hands on both counts. (Did you know they’ve changed their logo? Bah! That makes me sad.) Well, for those of you… Continue Reading →

Blog Post to a Young Librarian

Dear me. Wait, let me clarify. Dear me-10-yrs-ago-on-Aug-21-2000-my-1st-day-at-my-first-job-as-a-professional-librarian. There are a lot of things I’d love to tell you – some about things I wish you’d done or tried (or simply done or tried earlier), some about things I wish… Continue Reading →

new-ish blog-ish

so. <brushing away cobwebs> anyone home? it’s not that i broke my fingers, or that i was sacked, ran out of money and thus had no access to the internet because – let’s be real, the public libraries are closed… Continue Reading →

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