I’m torn as to whether to first allude to BeyoncĂ© or the Beastie Boys. I suspect that sums up a lot about my personality.

Anyway. Two more ways to kill time on the internets. (Because we all need more options for THAT.) Mostly for the ladies, but I suppose there are some gentlemen who might also be diverted.

Virtual Nail Polish – OPI for Sephora

Sadly, only recent colors (my all time fave, Would you like a Lichtenstein – not available); but I’m tempted by I’m With Brad, for all the reasons you can think of.

H&M Fashion Studio

In discussing this with two friends, we agreed we’d like them to have some options, like … different sized models; models of different heights; and not to put too fine a point on it, a model with, um, a large rack. If the point is to see how the things look – but ANYWAY. This one is for the boys too.