So, I’m trying a new thing. I haven’t delved very deeply into processing my photographs thus far – the occasional red-eye removal, doing some adjustments now and then to try and sharpen them up so to speak – but the more I look at very processed images the more interesting the whole idea becomes. I’m sure I’ll experience widely varying degrees of success.

I’m going to keep the original and processed photos in a set on flickr titled (you guessed it) before & after.

Here’s the first pair.

subway keep clear


I don’t know that I’ll always want the processing to be so obvious, but here … I felt like the second one gives a better visceral experience of what I wanted that shot to say. The yellow pops. The font contrasts strongly with the treatment. Maybe it’s just garish and I’ll hate it in a day, or three weeks, or 20 seconds from now. We’ll see.