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Month June 2010

Rain, rain…go away, but just a little?

We’ve been buffeted with storm after storm the last couple of weeks, including a real doozie last night. I’ll confess, I like rain – I like galoshes, and umbrellas, and not squinting. It can get to be a bit much… Continue Reading →

For all the ladies

I’m torn as to whether to first allude to BeyoncĂ© or the Beastie Boys. I suspect that sums up a lot about my personality. Anyway. Two more ways to kill time on the internets. (Because we all need more options… Continue Reading →

Love. & Lovely.

Last night I went to the wedding reception of my friends Ang & Sam. If were going to try and boil what they do down to one compound sentence: Ang is in the profession and possibly the most amazing reader… Continue Reading →

The vinaigrette that changed my summer

It seems overstated. That’s okay. It’s still true. Whether we like it or not, we all know … we should eat healthily – lots of veggies and greens and such, and that often gets interpreted as lots of salad. I… Continue Reading →

before & after

So, I’m trying a new thing. I haven’t delved very deeply into processing my photographs thus far – the occasional red-eye removal, doing some adjustments now and then to try and sharpen them up so to speak – but the… Continue Reading →

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