Poor little blah-g. So neglected. The trouble with anything is that at some point, it goes from being the new fun thing to being one more thing (even as a fun thing) you had on your list of things to do and THEN it’s not fun anymore, it’s work. Things have been a little hectic, and I have a lot of things I have been trying to be dedicated to doing: hitting the gym, practicing guitar, getting enough sleep, etc etc. I also have a kind of left-over firstborn overachiever syndrome that kicks in sometimes which results in feeling overwhelmed and guilty about things that don’t get done … how do I fix that? I ignore them. Which makes it worse; rinse & repeat.¬† As (I believe) someone said in Hamlet, “There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so” and while I’m not sure I’m ready to go along with that 100%, it certainly applies in cases like these. I translate that to: Don’t make everything such a big freaking deal, cg. Probably not going to get me a career as a dramatist, but it works.

So! My news for you today – it is spring! Or so they tell us, despite the periodic freezing cold temps and even hail (!!) we’ve been getting on and off. I spent almost 6 hours working on the rooftop garden Saturday (despite said hail plus some serious wind and periodic showers, I might add) – cleaning up from the over-wintering and potting the new plants. It’s not quite ready for primetime yet, everyone needs to settle into their new homes, but you can see the plants I bought…
garden 2010: the cast, pt 1

garden 2010: the cast, pt 2

garden 2010: the cast, pt 3

garden 2010: the cast, pt 4

And my herbs, which I am keeping downstairs this year. Running up two flights of stairs for the basil while something is cooking is a bad idea on many levels. (The empty pot below is waiting for chives, there was a shortage! at the garden center!)


That’s what I’ve been up to. Between mixing up the potting soil with the hummus and the fertilizer and the leftover dirt from before, doing battle with the root-ball of several larger things that didn’t make it, evading the environmental conditions, carrying everything upstairs and then trying to clean up the huge mess, I was pretty exhausted. In container gardening, you can’t use a spade, so you have to do everything with a hand spade … in short, my right hand and arm got a real workout – at least it wasn’t my left, or guitar lessons would be super ugly this week! Ha!

Watch this space for photos in situ.