Like many other things, a sense of accomplishment is relative, I suppose. It’s been a good week for that sort of thing – on Monday a copy of our new book was delivered into my hot little hands. (So I guess for those of you who were wondering, since I can’t remember if I explicitly said – yes, TDB got done.) I’ve been thinking about the Gershwin standard all week, but in the nerdiest, dorkiest way possible … that is, ‘I have an authority record now, and they can’t take that away from me.’ I can see how that line never made it into the song.

Which provides me with a perfect segue way … tonight, a high moment occurred when for the first time I both played and sang something I wrote (well, I wrote the lyrics). Josh charted out for me the songs we’ve been working on, so I took a crack at the ones I can currently manage without the acquisition of some chords which right now are, frankly, beyond me.

I think I’ve been waiting to do this my whole life. Which this? Both. And it’s quietly awesome, in that totally obvious way hindsight has, along the lines of: yes, of course I’d be doing this.

Onward & upward. Or something. Bar chords! Another book!

Even sooner, and possibly most exciting in the short term, a date with Sweet Mandy B’s for a delicious and much anticipated cupcake on Tuesday! Wahoo.

And if you are mystified by the title of this post, have some maple syrup.