Figures that in writing a post about 2000 I’d get muddled. It feels like a long time ago, what can I say.

Because it is of earthshattering importance I desire accuracy to a degree that is probably not typical, I feel I should make the following correction – that Fiona Apple album? Yeah, it belongs in the list for 2001. So when you see it there, act surprised. I’ll explain why it belongs in that year in the forthcoming post. After all, I’ve got to keep you all coming back somehow.

What should have appeared in the 2000 list instead (how could I have forgotten this):

Fleetwood Mac – The Dance

I grew up with Fleetwood Mac as part of the family soundtrack; certainly not to the degree of, say, The Beatles, or The Doors, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, or even Simon & Garfunkel, but all the same, they figured. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to find this turned up in heavy rotation at one time. These days, it’s more in phases than all the time, but still – I find it to be a very solid album, more enjoyable in many ways because it’s live.

I’d also like to admit on the interwebs (WHY?!) that Lindsay Buckingham, specifically and only for the recording of “Big Love” = sex on a stick. I assign the blame for an ill-advised relationship decision solely to that one track; if only the duration of said  relationship had also been three minutes and six seconds, I’m sure that would have been better for everyone.