The Lost Years of that decade – Musically speaking, anyhow.  So I’ve been avoiding this entry.

I have no memory of this place.

Maybe not that bad, but still – it’s so fuzzy. Somewhere around the beginning of 2005, I can start to tell you again about which musical directions I was headed, but these two years are a terrible mush in my mind. I went to France for three weeks in the summer of 03, by myself, and you’d think that I’d remember the CDs took the trouble to cart around (I don’t, and no I didn’t have an iPod yet).

As for the rest, I’m having trouble separating what I now own and love that was released during those years (that I should have  jumped on as soon as it came out) from what I was actually spinning.

You can’t write a post ostensibly about music without mentioning any, so I give you these:


Mutations & Sea Change were released more or less at this stage. I’ve long been a fan (Odelay is the beginning for me – the earlier one with “Loser” I never bothered with because that song bugged me so bad). Mutations was on heavy rotation and later I quite liked Guero. Sea Change I also enjoy, but honestly, it’s a downer and that’s not quite the space Beck occupies for me.


Travelling Without Moving is my favorite of the three albums I have (the others are Synkronized and Dynamite).

Also – Nelly Furtado’s second, Folklore; and Pete Yorn’s second, Day I Forgot. The Furtado album, as I’ve mentioned, I thought was really better and I’m sorry it didn’t do that well (one wonders – is THAT why she went in the opposite direction to “Maneater” …).