When I look back at 2002 I choose to remember its bright points. Beautiful snows in winter, a lovely spring weekend in New York, a roommate who was also a much loved friend (and who also found need to practice a lot of baking and cooking for chef school … delight), and a whole year with another dear friend only a mile or two away who now, sadly, lives so much further. It was a good year. Certainly, I learned a lot? On to the music, anyway.

Pete Yorn – Music for the Morning After
I don’t get tired of it. I am sure there ought to be more graceful, erudite praise for it, but there it is.

The Strokes – Is This It?
No, I didn’t pick the ‘G’ version of the cover. Can’t say I’ve loved anything they’ve done since, but the first one felt more vital. It was a fun album for that summer.

Neko Case – Furnace Room Lullaby
OMG. Her voice. Saw her perform live once. Amazing.

Whiskeytown – Pneumonia
Another one where I was late to the game. My first intersection with the redoubtable Ryan Adams; who could have guessed then he’d end up married to Mandy Moore? (And, frankly, not that they care but it pleases me. Take that, stuffy hipsters! Take that, bubblegummy teenyboppers!) I quite enjoy many of his solo albums; but this one I can listen to straight through, anytime.

Having really only heard “Yellow” prior to 2002 (which I still persistently skip), the entirety of both Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head came into my awareness. Of the two, I think Rush is a better effort on the whole – but each has its pluses. Now Coldplay has released a dreadful third album and a fourth I found to be a jump back onto the right track, but despite overplay and overhype and over … well, let’s not mention Gywnnie here … I still class Rush as an everyday album, to take a cue from my internet buddy mkinmotion.