Call me shallow if you like, but two of my most reliable sources of enjoyment are Lucky magazine (on a monthly basis) and Go Fug Yourself (on a weekly basis – although they post daily I like to save it up as a special treat). Yes. Shopping, and snarky commentary on celebrity fashion. Honestly, would you prefer: The reification of post-capitalist hegemony opens a space for the discourse of linguistic transparency.  Not on a Friday night, certainly. Nor on any morning, noon, or evening of the week for me, I’ll be honest. (Anyway, don’t get your shorts in a twist, I didn’t say they were my only two reliable sources of enjoyment; I just said they were two of such.)

In contrast to that dreadful assault of overstuffed pedantism, Lucky gives me the sensation of a shopping trip with the following advantages:

  • I don’t have to leave the house.
  • There are no other shoppers angling around and blocking my view, buffeting me with their large purses or loud phone conversations, or silently judging my outfit.
  • It has glossy, glossy photos. And some really nifty stickers to mark items I like. (If I had to guess, I’m going to say this single item is the one that will generate the most ribbing from my … six … readers. What! They’re fun.)
  • Because it is a print publication, I am not on the internet, which means I am not in danger of spending any money while enjoying the comforts of my sofa.
  • Even better, I can be wearing pajamas; AND I am not in danger of trying on something that is desperately unflattering. Pretty much the pinnacle.

Apparently I’m not alone because Lucky survived the evisceration over at Conde Nast to which even the luminous Gourmet Magazine fell victim. [more]

I find their blogs quite enjoyable as well, although my fave of their bloggers has gone silent for a time; I was so concerned I actually CHECKED THE MASTHEAD to be sure she still worked there. As of December 2009, yes. I think this makes me a little bit of a freaky stalker, so no I’m not telling you who.

Go Fug Yourself – well, it’s a marvel of its kind. I’m ruined for other similar sites because the caliber of snarky humor they bring on a regular basis … well, it just can’t be matched. And they have polls. Sheesh! I love a poll. Some of my favorites that they do are the series in the voice of … whomever. The Britney Spears posts (Letters of Truth) are standouts.

And it’s Friday night. So I’m going to go read a magazine now.