I’m sure we’ve all read some news item (probably brief! ha!) about how twitter and multitasking and email and social networking is eroding our attention spans, as well as quite possibly our ability to think. I’d say something about that but I forget what I was talking about.

Where was I … OH! Right. Short attention spans.

Today at work I finally attacked That Damn Book, hereafter, TDB (or possibly, That Damn Chapter – TDC of course). Not quite 800 words in and I’m spent. I’ve still got probably half to two-thirds of TDC to finish before I start TODC (that’s right, The Other Damn Chapter) later this week. So I’m conserving my brainpower here today.

I think I’ll go home and clean something; I was gonna say something kinda fancy about how I can do that mostly without involving the parts of the brain that take care of higher functions, but I can’t seem to make enough sense out of the relevant wikipedia articles to casually drop the right noun (cerebral cortex? hippocampus? basal ganglia?), probably because each one is nearly 140 characters just on its own.

Tune in tomorrow for another riveting episode …