Has NaBloPoMo dragged me into a disgusting cycle of hypocrisy, wherein I have become what I hate and have ranted about for years – that is to say,  useless, old-news pieces produced primarily for the purposes of proving that you wrote something (and hopefully keeping you from getting fired …at least in the case of some disciplines of ‘scholarly’ literature).

Quiet Blogs

Bloggers often lack the motivation to keep their blog running. Many of them feel they have to keep it fresh by updating it every day, and failing to meet their own expectations results in both frustration and a neglected blog.
Updating a blog daily isn’t ideal, and more often than not…

Seven half-hearted articles a week does not equal one very polished, interesting article.

RSS readers are jam-packed with articles every day, and chances are, the articles that don’t get your full attention will get lost in the crowd. Keep your short musings and thoughts for Posterous and Twitter, and spend some real time hand-crafting well-thought-out articles. You’ll satisfy both yourself and your readers.

from “Death of the Boring Blog Post” by Paddy Donnelly (Smashing Magazine, 11/19/2009)

Don’t expect a blogazine here. I’m gonna be real with you. But I feel duly chastened into writing, not just posting. I think we all know what that means. I’ll see you … when I see you. Take that NaBloPoMo.