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Month November 2009

a different Monday

This photo was taken on a Monday a couple of weeks ago; I was in Monterey for a conference. I should restate that. A couple of weeks ago there was a conference in Monterey, a place I really like to… Continue Reading →


So my boyfriend went out to a state park this weekend to commune with nature and apparently froze his ass off in a ‘cold wood shack.’ That’s a direct quote. All this in Southern California, just a few miles from… Continue Reading →


Yeah, sorry. Phoning this one in. Note to self (and all readers): don’t wait to post until right before you go to bed, cg. At least on days where you spend a full working day’s worth of hours in a… Continue Reading →

This is a post

I get a couple technicalities, I figure. As it happens my desk is so buried in articles (you guessed it, TDB) that I covered up my wallet with them and didn’t notice until I was an hour into the suburbs,… Continue Reading →

Books and such

This afternoon we had a brown bag lunch to talk about our favorite books. I know, I know, librarians talking about reading. Whatever. Anyway, a group of people got together and collected a list of people’s favorite books, then did… Continue Reading →

Lazy lazy lazy

I have come to the conclusion that I am inherently lazy when it comes to physical activity. In July of 2008 I started working with a personal trainer, the idea being, I’ll feel better (desk job, too much sitting, blergh)… Continue Reading →

Short attention spa…

I’m sure we’ve all read some news item (probably brief! ha!) about how twitter and multitasking and email and social networking is eroding our attention spans, as well as quite possibly our ability to think. I’d say something about that… Continue Reading →

French Onion Soup: Death Match

Day Two and I’m already on to food. This shouldn’t be surprising, I suppose, being that I come from a long line of people on my mother’s side for whom an important topic of conversation at any meal typically includes… Continue Reading →

NaBloPoMo, or, once more into the fray

So. November, we meet again. I didn’t actually realize I’d abandoned this blog for so long – May 2008! Wowza. Things are a bit different now. I’m not going to be tiresome and try and rehash it all, so let… Continue Reading →

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