This was the first totally free Sunday I’ve had since the 18th; and I won’t have another where I’m not working or out of town or guests in town or what-have-you for another few weeks, until the 13th of December.

It was nice not to leave the house, honestly. I made waffles (since I’ll be returning my dad’s waffle maker, generously on loan for much longer than I think he originally anticipated – sorry dad); I cleaned up waffles. I cleaned the kitchen, I did the dishes, I dusted and vacuumed and watered my poor longsuffering plants. I completed some Christmas DIY gifts. I climbed around precariously, first to pull out all my Christmas decorations and such and then to put them up.

I’m plumb worn out from my weekend. But I feel less tired than I did when I started – the beautifully ironic side effect of getting useful things done for me, nearly always.

So I guess now I’ve come to that fateful decision – am I going to bother with Christmas cards this year? And if so, when the heck am I going to do them, since I’ll be out of town for a week at Thanksgiving and pretty well booked up here for the week afterward … decisions decisions.