So my boyfriend went out to a state park this weekend to commune with nature and apparently froze his ass off in a ‘cold wood shack.’ That’s a direct quote. All this in Southern California, just a few miles from Mexico.

(Now my bulleted list from yesterday makes more sense, eh?)

In related news, I’ve been hanging out with my parents in Southern Indiana where it got up to nearly 70 today. They live in the country on about 100 wooded acres; their house is situated a good deal back from the road so once you’re here, you hear nothing, you see nobody else, and at night it’s really freaking dark so the stars shine extra bright.
We also have HVAC, insulation, many blankets, running water (ie hot showers), and electricity (for which I am extra thankful this morning). I’d just like to go on record and say that this is my preferred way to interact with nature. Don’t get me wrong: I love a good hike, and I love the woods, and I’m not even opposed to the idea of a tent and a day hike in the warmer seasons. However now having had the experience of a real house in the woods …
Evidence. Here’s a couple views from our back deck.



I’ll finish with an autumn scene. No, this wasn’t taken from the deck; actually along the ridge, maybe a 10 minute walk. But it’s the same idea.

last of the foliage