This afternoon we had a brown bag lunch to talk about our favorite books. I know, I know, librarians talking about reading. Whatever.

Anyway, a group of people got together and collected a list of people’s favorite books, then did an exhibit on it in the first floor lobby, together with quotes and such from people about ‘why your favorite’ and ‘importance of reading in your life’ and such. I must say, one of our better exhibits, and very interesting.
By now you’re wondering, what book did I list? It was hard, I’ll admit. Picking “My Favorite Book” … it’s like what I imagine it’s like to say, ‘Choose your favorite child.’ How is that possible? You love them all for different reasons, because they’re, well, them. Here was my rationale. List my most loved books, then eliminate. They were:
  • Pride & Prejudice (too obvious. most listed favorite at last yr’s holiday party)
  • Jane Eyre (more Victorian literature. too obvious)
  • Gaudy Night (literary mystery, a little unexpected)
  • Ex Libris (delightful essays, but too bookish?)
  • Lord of the Rings (nerd alert)
OK, so there are more than that, but I eliminated them even from the preliminary list for various reasons (Narnia – a whole series? um, no).
I went with Gaudy Night. There. Now you know.
It was really interesting listening to my colleagues talk about their favorite books, and why they like them; and even more so, how books are part of their inner life.
So it was nice. Yeah, that’s all I got today.