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Month November 2009


Has NaBloPoMo dragged me into a disgusting cycle of hypocrisy, wherein I have become what I hate and have ranted about for years – that is to say,  useless, old-news pieces produced primarily for the purposes of proving that you… Continue Reading →

Chickens, lend me your thighs

I’d like to begin this post by saying – I realize I haven’t really been bringing it lately. I’ll try and do better. With that in mind, if you can’t be interesting, at least give people something tasty to think… Continue Reading →


While laying awake last night at 3am, I realized, among other things, that I had forgotten to post. So, NaBloPoMo, you win. Or lose. Anyway, my 16 day streak is broken. At least I got more than halfway through before… Continue Reading →

I am not a night person

Despite the fact that I routinely stayed up until 2a in college, I am not and never really have been a night person. Just because you can (or must) do something doesn’t mean that you do it well and I… Continue Reading →

On Productivity

This was the first totally free Sunday I’ve had since the 18th; and I won’t have another where I’m not working or out of town or guests in town or what-have-you for another few weeks, until the 13th of December…. Continue Reading →

On teaching

Happy timing, really, that I should have a totally respectable, academic post following up on such a fluffy one. On that topic, I can only say this – I’m every woman. It’s all in me. Right. I was trying to… Continue Reading →

You Lucky Fug

Call me shallow if you like, but two of my most reliable sources of enjoyment are Lucky magazine (on a monthly basis) and Go Fug Yourself (on a weekly basis – although they post daily I like to save it… Continue Reading →

[Sad trombone]?

Far from being an opportunity to pause and consider the existential underpinnings of knowledge, or data, or memory, this little symbol means just one thing: BAD. Badness. Lots of badness. That’s what it points to … this morning, my MacBook… Continue Reading →

Tuna salad

One of the major interferences with my enjoyment of tuna salad is the necessity of mayo. Yes, I recognize its importance as a binder, but I don’t love it. Enter, no-mayo tuna salad. Inspired by an idea of my mom’s… Continue Reading →


I have been advised that I was the only person who could see the photos in some of my recent posts; this is probably because AT&T finally figured out that I hadn’t paid for Flickr Pro for some time and… Continue Reading →

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