I’m taking a page from thefiftyfootblogger and sharing with you some recent searches that led folks to my blog …

  • tig coili (2, one from Galway, one from Dublin … not surprising; if it was my bartender buddy Jason, please holla back, I’d like to know how your trip to America went)
  • +”enneagram number” +”theme song” (what an idea. I only mentioned enneagram once, I think, in a quiz)
  • bump to bump motivation (No idea. Really – maybe it made more sense in South Africa)
  • city wise high tide timing (from India)
  • cute baggages
  • gloriana frangipana (words from the IU fight song)
  • irons that turn off
  • james mcevoy shirtless

What an amalgam. If James McAvoy ever shows up shirtless, with an auto shut-off iron, at the Tig Coili, humming his enneagram theme-song, I hope I hear about it. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to work in the bumping.