Two new things for 2007, which I am still feeling pretty jazzed about in 2008, are:

  • Scrabulous, via Facebook. I’m convinced this is improving the functioning of my brain (or maybe resulting in neutrality as it combats the brain-rot Facebook wreaks, though I love it still), and if not, at least it makes the three-minute downtime break at work feel more intellectual. Are you on Facebook? Are we friends? If the answers to a) and b) are yes, then are we playing Scrabulous together yet? We should be. I’ve bingoed three times (yes I know, not much to some perhaps, but doesn’t ORATORIO just feel like a word that deserves 74 points?).
  • Twitter. Yes, I was a bit of a hate-ah at first. But I’m digging it now, and I find it less creepy and more interesting to follow and be followed by folks I actually know. So get on the bandwagon, kids.