Another Monday. How quickly the weekends go by… it also happens to be Guy Fawkes Night, an event many Americans are aware of largely due to the film V for Vendetta, I would venture to guess. I found it a bit heavy handed, if I recall correctly, but it had its moments.

Today’s musical wheel of fortune reveals:

U2In God’s Country [Joshua Tree (1987)]

While I can’t get you a streaming snippet of this one, YouTube can provide for us.


How young they look! Bono’s arm is in a sling because on a rainy night earlier in the tour he fell off the stage and dislocated it, so says Wikipedia. It’s a fine track, very characteristic, all jangling guitars and biblical references (“I stand with the sons of Cain”). As I recall, The Joshua Tree tour came to B-ton in the fall of that year, and I wasn’t allowed to go, not that I made a big thing about it (actually I wonder if I even really asked or just fatalistically assumed) — and I was quite a little squirt at the time as well, only just in middle school. I probably wouldn’t have let me go either. Wouldn’t that have been something. To relieve my feelings a year or so later I got a tour like t-shirt which I wish I still had. At least I still have the album – and what a range it has, to appeal to the ear of a callow 12 year old and then, twenty years later it’s quite possibly better. I might have to buy the koolaid and the remastered version, and I could do with seeing Rattle and Hum again.

Must run to work.

See you tomorrow, same Bat channel …