One month til Christmas, folks. Hard to believe, really … But, anyway, as far as I am concerned, the Christmas season begins the day after Thanksgiving, or a month before, whichever suits. You might ask, what does that mean for cg?

  • Christmas music can officially be played. (Yes, Peter, finally, I have begun)
  • Any Christmas decorations are fair game.
  • The yearly decision about Christmas cards must be made.
  • Vast increase in dietary intake of Christmas themed movies.
  • Wrap all the presents currently bought.

Where does that leave me today … Christmas music is playing. I am thinking about decorating tonight, although I should probably make a definitive packing list for my trip to Ireland instead … which may result in no Christmas cards again this year. We’ll see. It would be a good project for the plane except for all the boxes … I just discovered I do not have Holiday Inn! And I am horrified. [but I did add it to my Amazon wish list; this is the most subtle way I could have possibly introduced that topic, don’t you agree?]; maybe I will watch Elf instead – it’s that or It’s a Wonderful Life, but the latter reduces me to a pathetic, snotty mess every time, and if I am going to try and wrap that won’t work. I have specific plans for all presents but one, and I have all of them sitting right here (with the exception of two, plus several gift cards for extended family). [It could be sickening, but wouldn’t you prefer to be pleasantly shocked and amazed? Or maybe it isn’t that unusual.]

So, tonight I guess it’s between decorate and wrap. It’s still fairly early so I suppose doing both isn’t impossible, but it sure as heck is unlikely. I guess we’ll have to see.

I was supposed to do a random five of thankfulness today, wasn’t I? I’ll do them rapid fire:

  1. White Christmases, or songs about them.
  2. Target has a grocery area now. So handy.
  3. Parking spaces right in front of my house.
  4. The cafeteria at IKEA.
  5. Long distance telephone service. Actually, telephone service in general. Someone wants to talk to me, and a ringing sound happens, and then I can talk to them. It’s pretty freaking amazing. Which means 5a) has to be Caller ID. For the people I don’t want to talk to (telemarketers?). Also pretty freaking amazing.