Hard to believe it’s already time for Thanksgiving. In honor of that holiday, and also to give myself a workable theme for blogging this weekend, I am going to post five things I am thankful for, today through Sunday. Because that will add up to 25 things, they are not all going to be lofty. I think I’ll save the heavy duty ones for tomorrow and make today a technology focused report.

  1. Wireless. What a marvelous invention. Which brings us to …
  2. The Internet. Like many powerful tools, equally horrible and wonderful, all depending on what you use it for – but life sure ain’t the same, is it?
  3. My laptop. It’s just about our one year anniversary, and while there are newer and more powerful Macbooks around than mine, I’m still pretty happy with this guy. Who really ought to be referred to as girl, because it has a girl’s name. No I’m not revealing that now.
  4. Social networking, although I can’t believe I’m saying it. Not all kinds (ahem, MySpace) but some examples might include Flickr, Yelp, and heaven help me, Facebook. It’s so much easier to keep a running tab on people, especially ones from whom one is separated – the broad strokes anyway (job changes, moves, marriages, kids, etc). I’m even thinking Twitter has its uses. [So get on there. It works better when you know more people. ]
  5. Digital photography. Thank God those days of rolls and rolls of film, expensive developing, and angst-ridden choices …’which shot?’ ‘how many?’ ‘should we take another?’ — all over.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks! Tune in tomorrow for more Reasons I am Thankful, probably the Serious Edition. I think we’ll also have a Food Edition, a Chicago edition, and maybe round off with a Random Gathering.

That is all for today. Now I am going to go try and kill the pseudo-ladybug (they smell and bite, truly unladylike behavior) that is ominously ricocheting off the ceiling right above my head.