Lincoln Park Quad
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Thought I was going to slip, did you, 16 days in? Nope. This may not be substantive, but a post it is nonetheless.

Busy day today, busy week actually. I spent a good deal of today wrangling with a bunch of old Flash demos that needed upgrading, going round and round trying to adjust old workflows to new software; I had a breakthrough around 4:45pm. Better late than never. The rest of the day I was meeting here, meeting there. Funny, isn’t it, how the days leading up to an absence from work are made more hectic by the fact that vacation is looming?

This evening Lil Bit came over, I cooked up some dinner (and some brownies, oh yeah!) and sent her home with a bagload of foodstuffs. We watched Four Brothers, which was …. awesome. And when I say awesome, I don’t exactly mean good. But we enjoyed it nevertheless if only for some amazing narrative turns. And when I say amazing, I don’t exactly mean good.

I have to teach in the morning, then drive like mad to make it to my quasi-college reunion, so expect another lackluster post tomorrow unless the hotel turns out to have wireless.

So, now, off to pack those items which, if not packed tonight, will be left behind tomorrow …