Well, at least for this term anyway. Insert a large smile, and a vision of many nights spent: lounging watching movies; lounging watching TV; lounging reading books; just plain lounging; and, the odd night out actually (GASP) interacting with other people. In real clothes, with real waistbands and stuff, as opposed to lounge clothes (which is what we [CG-family] call pajamas before you’ve slept in them).

The final, probably largely as a result of my quasi-fevered preparation, and my professor’s more-than-fair study guide, was quite doable. I was out of there by 7pm, which was my personal goal.

So, now, my personal goals for my academic break (which extends to January 7th, that’s 7 weeks and 4 days, not that I’m counting), other than sloth, include finally getting the freaking web site up and running; continued home reorganization; and, hopefully, a good bit of reading. And cooking. Well, plus the holidays, and my trip to Ireland. So actually that’s a fairly full schedule. After that, it’s back to the grind, and even though I know I promised I’d never do it again, I registered for two classes next quarter because they only offer the capstone once a year and I need to just get it out of the way. It’s 10 weeks, right. It can be done.

This may be the most boring post ever. Sorry. My brain, she is tired, and all I can think about is, ‘No more homework!’. I almost got some blog content from a similarly tired friend I was speaking to on ye old telephone this evening, who I *think* may almost have started sleep-talking, always a fun exercise for the wakeful listener … but alas, slumber seemed to flee before anything blogworthy was said. I’ll try and post some interesting (and, hopefully, ‘interesting’) photos to Flickr instead.

Today’s musical wheel of fortune reveals:

http://static.last.fm/webclient/inline/3/inlinePlayer.swf Spoon – They Never Got You

From Gimme Fiction (2005). I do love me some Spoon.

Til tomorrow, folks, I’m sure I’ll be more riveting then …