Dedicated readers may wonder what has spurred the flurry of activity in my home this week – the rearranging, the heavy duty cleaning, the book project, and the various other projects I haven’t seen fit to blog here (the big magazine recycle, Christmas 2007 is fully underway [yes I have gifts already for a fair number of people], etc.) After all, much of that has been perfectly fine for nearly four years. I’ve started reading again (handling a bunch of books will do that to you). I’m polishing my Scrabble technique, which has a long way to go yet. To be frank, I narrowly restrained myself yesterday from the following additional activities: cleaning out all the drawers of my writing desk; attacking my ‘office’ area which is in a somewhat desperate state; speculatively shopping online for a new sofa; running some errands; and watching a movie.

The explanation to all this is simple: the academic quarter is grinding to a close. I’ve got a project/presentation due tomorrow, and a final next week. Under those circumstances, my logic is unassailable: of course all of these very important undertakings can’t wait any longer.

You can probably easily see at this point why I spent a couple years in college as a journalism major; there are so many deadlines! It’s a procrastinator’s dream. [My downfall was that I really hated to initiate interviews with people I didn’t know, which made it a bit hard to write stories. Now, I think that part wouldn’t bother me at all, but that’s after nearly ten years of people coming to me to be interviewed, reference interviewed, but nevertheless.]

Actually, it also explains the timing of this blogging project, which happily coincided with some kind of ‘national’ effort, but another month and it might not have seemed quite so much the right thing to do, you know?

It will all get done, and it will be fine, and I will go on to procrastinate another quarter (well, at least five more actually). And then someday I will be done with school and I will have to put off my laundry or something. I am sure you are not looking forward to that.

Today’s musical wheel of fortune reveals:

Passenger Seat – Death Cab for Cutie [Transatlanticism (2003)]

Hm. Well, not too much to say here other than to apologize for not being able to get you even a snippet. There are a few DCFC (or do the super-fans call them DCC?) songs I like pretty well, and it’s really a pretty good album, but it depends entirely on my mood. On those days when the emotional weather is moody, bombastic, high drama, I tend to like them more.