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Month November 2007

Thanksgiving Eve…Or, Giving Thanks, the Technology Edition

Hard to believe it’s already time for Thanksgiving. In honor of that holiday, and also to give myself a workable theme for blogging this weekend, I am going to post five things I am thankful for, today through Sunday. Because… Continue Reading →


I’ve been working on my web site for most of the afternoon and have once again reached a conundrum. I had originally envisioned certain functionality for the home page which is turning out to be sort of a hassle to… Continue Reading →


Yeah, folks, blogging fatigue has set in, in a big way. I expect blog-reading fatigue may also have set in. Hmmm…. well, I arrived in Bloomington on Saturday, late afternoon, more or less just in time for my reunion. In… Continue Reading →

Almost Famous

Hi Courtney, I am delighted to let you know that your two submittedphotos have been selected for inclusion in the newlyreleased fourth edition of our Schmap Vancouver Guide: Granville Island Hotel Raincity Grill If you like the guide and have… Continue Reading →

Gloriana, Frangipana

Well, I made it. My final, check. Teach the last class of the quarter, check. Jump straight into the car and drive from Chicago to B-ton, check. Wireless at the IMU Hotel, check. It is kind odd to be a… Continue Reading →


Lincoln Park Quad Originally uploaded by crgreene Thought I was going to slip, did you, 16 days in? Nope. This may not be substantive, but a post it is nonetheless. Busy day today, busy week actually. I spent a good… Continue Reading →

Coming down

I feel, a little bit, like I am coming slowly down, more along the lines of a pop bottle which has been furiously shaken and finally begins to settle than ‘Duuude, I’m coming down’ – it’s a positive, not a… Continue Reading →

now, did i turn off the iron?

now, did i turn off the iron? Originally uploaded by crgreene yes, i am a nerd. but this continues to crack me up, and after my slightly high-falutin’ Miltonian post, i think we need to take it down a notch.[Taken… Continue Reading →

True Dat

True Dat Originally uploaded by crgreene Books are not absolutely dead things, but do contain a potency of life in them to be as active as that soul whose progeny they are; nay they do preserve as in a vial… Continue Reading →

School’s out

Well, at least for this term anyway. Insert a large smile, and a vision of many nights spent: lounging watching movies; lounging watching TV; lounging reading books; just plain lounging; and, the odd night out actually (GASP) interacting with other… Continue Reading →

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