Let me begin …

Earlier this week I cooked up a bunch of red sauce with the idea that it would make tasty dinners every night … but I still have to eat tomorrow, and I am really really hungry tonight. The only logical solution, of course, was to go online to Chipotle‘s DSL (don’t stand in line.. ha!) online order service and order up a big old steak burrito. I won’t be having any of those in Ireland, right? So tomorrow I can whip up the last of the sauce with some pasta and feel like I ate at home, without actually really having to cook. Notice how neatly I justified my burrito craving.

Hard to believe, but I leave for Ireland tomorrow night. People have been asking me if I am excited, and I have to tell you the truth: no, not yet. But, I am never excited the 24-48 hours before a trip. The packing, getting the apartment in order, figuring out the commute to wherever, and so on, that I will be doing tonight, and the getting everything sorted out at work, inevitably gives me this grinch-y I-don’t-want-to-go feeling, which disappears generally about the time I arrive at the airport.

Mostly I have been thinking about what to take with me: on the one hand, it’s only a week, in a place where I am sure that if I tragically neglect to bring enough [whatever] I could probably replace it. On the other, I’d like to avoid having to duplicate anything I already own, and it will be in the mid to upper forties – with rain. There’s a reason they call it the Emerald Isle, and a reason it stays that way. I am thinking layers, sweaters, rain-repellent jacket, and some wellie-like shoes. We’ll see. In two days, I will be wearing whatever I pack tonight, driving around Ireland on the left side of the road. Golly.

The other thing I have been mulling over is the fact that the last day of NaBloPoMo is this Friday – during which I will be in transit. Seems a shame to miss just one day, the last day … perhaps you’ll get a fascinating post from Heathrow, if they allow the internet there.

I can feel myself get more boring as this month goes on. My apologies. Only two more days, folks.