Arek & Heather are travelling in Sweden right now. [you should check his and her photos] Amazingly, still reading my blog (I, and Google Analytics, thank you both.) I just laughed out loud at this email rec’d from him.

Subject: Your blog, in Swedish!

Well, just the navigations.

Someone could “Flagga” your “Blogg” if they wanted to.
Or say yours was a nästa blogg (OK, it means next not nasty).

In a strange convergence of Janet Jackson, this is the second time in the last 24 hours something on the Web has caused “Nasty” to roll through my head. [Except now, I can’t find the first one … pretty much had to be on a blog I was reading … it was not a phantom occurrence of J.Jackson, because you will remember her last name is Control, and those sorts of people do not just go popping out all over the interweb, um, sorry I meant, she would not have an inadvertent malfunction that would cause her to lay herself bare on the cybernet, willy nilly you might say … nevermind.] And, I think, the Inevitable Radio of Fate which just played “Nasty” by Janet Jackson [Control (19 and 86)] must triumph over the Musical Wheel of Fortune, at least for today.

Now you can move on to the nästa, nästa blogg (don’t mean a thing-uh).