Well, about twelve hours later than usual, but here I am nevertheless. Another week gone … how does it happen so quickly? Since it’s Friday – Friday night no less – I think I will let myself off the hook a little and just do a random listing of items for you.

  1. I am headed down to Bloomington quite early tomorrow morning, for the wedding of Jessica and Koji. My sister and Jessica have been friends since … gosh, I don’t even know. A long time. Chelsea (my sister) will be standing up with Jessica as her maid of honor, and as I was there with her when she ordered her (kick-ass, amazing, perfect, wedding-appropriate, yet Satine-red-dress-in-the-elephant-scene) dress, I am very much looking forward to seeing that in particular, in addition to the wedding in general which I am sure will be lovely.
  2. Pursuant to early departure and wedding attendance, I tried on what I had planned to wear to get that all straightened out this evening. (And, yes, indeed, I have everything all packed and ready to grab and throw in the car in the morning). The importance of this point is this: ever have that experience where you try something on again after a while and you think, ‘Gee this isn’t exactly how I remember looking in this. In fact, this isn’t how I remember looking, period, yet here I am.’ Well, I had those thoughts, and about five thousand more of the latter. So, I declare publicly – we are getting back on the wagon, me and all the visitors I am carrying around, who clearly have lost their way and need to go back to whatever home they came from. Nothing like gym equipment to dislodge a few extra pounds and send them whence they came. So, the Year of No is now officially expanded to include unwise eating choices, and sitting on the couch instead of going to the gym (as in, No, I really mustn’t have another X, thanks, one is enough; and no, I will be going to the gym, not just sitting here.) Because this is a high priority, I’m giving myself a jump on 2008 and starting Sunday, being that today is basically over and tomorrow is also a wash from this perspective.
  3. The book project is now closed. I was able to re-assign ownership of something like 30 of the books, out of a total of 45, so I feel like it was successful. I’ve deleted all the discards from librarything and am in the process of getting the remainders moved out of here.
  4. I’m going to bake more. I know, this seems like a conflict with #2, above, but not if I take it into the office and don’t overindulge. There is a void of baking at the office now that our former resident baker moved to Tennessee and there is nothing like a brownie or some cookies to improve morale.

So that’s pretty much it for tonight. My sushi just arrived (yum, and also meeting health goals), so I am going to go eat it before it gets warm.

Today’s musical wheel of fortune reveals:

Put It Behind You – Keane [Under the Iron Sea (2006)]

In addition to being an album I really enjoy, it also has a very cool cover which I have provided for your viewing pleasure. Bro, if he were reading this blog and looking at this picture, would certainly remark to himself about the use of negative space in the image, as you now can. Perhaps because I cottoned onto it first, I actually enjoy this album significantly more than Keane’s first album, although I do find it also to be quite good. I think my favorite track right now might be “The Frog Prince.”